Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tour 2009 - Day 9

Day 9 DUMC 2009 Summer Mission Tour

Today was a day full of surprises. Surprise! In spite of what the front desk told us, there was no breakfast cafĂ© a couple of blocks from the hotel (so many of us had a long stroll in search of a “quick” breakfast). We rounded up and drove a short way to Boston Common, where another church group had just provided breakfast to the City’s homeless who gather there. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny morning, and the homeless and Churchies enjoyed our a cappella performance, as we enjoyed giving it. We then headed over to MIT for a tour of that campus. Impressive in a very different way than Yale, MIT is all about the numbers (even the trees on campus were numbered and barcoded). We returned to the hotel briefly then had the bus drop us at Faneuil Hall where we were in for another surprise. Peggy Edmonds, whom we last saw in Connecticut, had secretly plotted to meet us at Faneuil Hall to surprise Walt on their 39th anniversary. Surprised and uplifted, Walt enjoyed the rest of the day with his sweetheart. Faneuil Hall was lots of fun, with great food, trendy shops, kiosks for the tourists and entertaining street performers. We opted to return to the hotel a little early to give ourselves a little down time before our night on the town. All dolled up (except for a few guys stuck in their bathing suits without room keys . . . oops!), we went out for a lovely dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s. The food, service and ambience were just fantastic. After dinner we strolled a few short blocks to the Charles Playhouse where we were in for our final surprise of the night with the delightful play Shear Madness. Most of us had never seen it and were howling at the bawdy humor and hilarious improvisations. Unknown to us, Cathy Dobrzanski had provided the theater with some scoop about the characters in our group, and they tailored much of the humor to us, with several “Waltisms” and inside jokes. The actors were very engaging and it was laugh-out-loud funny for a full two hours. Of course by then, in spite of exhaustion and the late hour, the kids were re-energized and getting them into their rooms for midnight curfew has been like herding cats. And that comes as no surprise!

Jackie P.