Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Wednesday, June 22, 2016
After our morning gathering at the church checking in, packing the bus, getting our tour water bottles, t-shirts, tour booklets and having a prayer send off, we loaded the bus, the two vans and hit the road. Our veteran bus driver Paul Lopez (who drove us last year to North Carolina and also on our Canadian tour) navigated the road to Ohio with ease. Today was a traveling day, covering many miles. Every day there will be a rotation of kids who will take turns riding in the vans or on the bus. The realization that the van had to make frequent stops (because there was no bathroom like the bus has) and the unfortunate lack of air conditioning on inclines made for a “team bonding experience,” as cited by Helena Colborn. Thanks for having such a positive outlook Helena! Tom Baldridge explained to our new participants that every day he will be choosing Greeters to give everyone a welcoming hug and introduce themselves to the entire bus. It’s a long standing tradition that assures everyone gets to know their fellow tour members. Everyones names are put into the “Bag of Fire” (think Goblet of Fire from Harry Potter )and two names are chosen. Today's Greeters were Rose Hulcher and Austin Mollard for the morning session. Our afternoon Greeters were Marin Williams and David Hembrough. The day included napping, book reading, listening to music, games and other ways to pass the time as w counted down the miles.

We arrived at Maumee UMC in time for a quick pizza dinner and change of clothes. Back on the bus we headed to Genesis Village, a lovely assisted living facility. Our first concert was a success! There was smiles, clapping and a few tears.

The kids loaded the bus and headed back to the church where they immediately threw on their play clothes and headed out to the field for a robust game of Ultimate Frisbee or to the gym for basketball.The kids will be using their sleeping bags to sleep on the floor. Do you think the kids will be rested  in the morning? This could be viewed as their first test in the Tri- Wizard Tournament! We will keep you posted!

Click here for Pictures from Day 1

Click here for some video of the Concert on Day 1

On the Road Again......

Tour has officially started with the assembly, loading, morning prayer and departure of the Charles Wesley Singers 2016 Youth Tour  "Hallelujah From the Heart of God" hitting the road this morning for its first concert stop in Toledo, OH.   Below is the listing of all Tour venues and times.   If you are near one of these locations, please stop in and share in God's gift of music offered by these incredible young people.  

Wednesday  6/22  -  6:30pm  Genesis Village -  Chapel
   2429 S. Reynolds Road, Toldeo, OH

Thursday 6/23  -   7:30pm Portage Chapel Hill UMC
   7028 Oakland Drive, Portage, MI

Friday  6/24  -  2:00pm  Resthaven Care Center
   280 West 40th Street, Holland, MI

Saturday  6/25  -  6:00pm   Midland First UMC
   315  W. Larkin Street, Midland, MI

Sunday 6/26  - 11am  Sunday Service -  Cathedral Church of St. Paul
   4800 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI

Sunday 6/26  -  7:30pm  Westside UMC
   900 South 7th Street,  Ann Arbor, MI

Monday   6/27  -  1:00pm   Cedar Point Amusement Park
   One Cedar Point Drive,  Sandusky, OH

Tuesday  6/28  -  7:30pm  First Presbyterian Church
   110 West Broadway, Granville, OH

Thursday 6/30  -  7:00pm  Damascus UMC  -  Homecoming Concert
   9700 New Church Street, Damascus, MD

Please check the blog daily for updates from our "in the field" bloggers as well as photos of the group as they travel Michigan and Ohio.

Click Here for Photos from Day 1

Click here for some Video of Day 1 concert (Thank you Paul Lopez)