Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Tour - Day 6 “Everyone Who Thirsteth Come to the Water…Front”

Good morning Vietnam! I mean day six! With the tour well past the halfway mark everyone is making sure to treasure each waking moment! Our hosts dropped us off at the beautiful Waterfront Park in Bath, ME where we would be led in worship under a bright blue sky. The readings this morning from Genesis were a reminder to treat every day as a new beginning, and as the pastor spoke about opening our eyes to God’s creation, we gazed out at the water and saw that it truly was “good”.

At the end of the service everyone was invited to take a pebble, which symbolized a burden we all carry, and throw it into the water - giving it up to God. It’s important for us to remember that we all carry many burdens, and that while a single pebble isn’t too much to handle, a backpack full of pebbles is quite a load to carry.

Feeling liberated, we boarded the bus for one of our country’s greatest cities: Boston, MA. We stopped for a very quick lunch about an hour in, and got right back on our way. With our master driver Paul maneuvering the lucrative streets of Boston, ooohs and ahhhs rang out from the back seats of the bus. We pulled into Trinity Church about a quarter of 5 and got into our formal concert attire. The church was as magnificent as ever, and the acoustics were second to none. We were assured that we couldn’t possibly make a mistake in the service and given a truly great piece of advice, “You can get away with anything in the service, as long as you do it slowly”. Speaking of the service, it was quite a different experience from what we are used to on Sundays at DUMC. All the same, the congregation let us know that we were still in top form after performing “Hear My Prayer” and “One Faith, One Hope, One Lord”.

We were glad to witness Steve really opening up the organ for the postlude. The room was full of sound and life as he worked away on the instrument with which he is so familiar. After changing and heading back into the city we broke into small groups in our search for dinner. Again, we lucked out and missed the rain entirely! On the previous New England tour in 2009 it had rained A LOT. Like every day. Seriously.

It’s nice for us to all be staying in one place tonight and tomorrow. Roger Williams University Bayport Inn and Conference Center (that’s quite a mouthful and will henceforth be referred to as the good old RWUBICC) will house us the final two nights of the tour. Looking forward to what joy Cape Cod will bring tomorrow.

“We’re inn touch, so you be in touch” (you thought you were getting through this without a pun? Yeah right!)