Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tour 2017 - When it Comes to Lobster, It’s OK to be Shellfish

Something about a continental breakfast makes you feel like you’re about to go out on an adventure, and boy what a time we had today. We slept in for the first time in a while today, pulling out of the good old RWUBICC around 10am with bathing suits and towels packed in day bags. We set out for the quaint town of Chatham on the elbow of Cape Cod.

Upon arrival we managed to find a place just big enough for the bus to park and began our takeover of the small beach town. Chatham Squire is my family’s favorite place to get a cup of “chowdah” on all of the Cape, so a few of us indulged in a pre-lunch lunch. Afterward the group explored the unique little shops there and made sure we had gifts for those who couldn’t make it on the trip this year. My favorite shop is the famous Candy Manor fudge shop which houses many kinds of designer candies and boast a great collection of fudge made on the premises. The smell is one of the fondest of my childhood and brings back memories of summers past and fudge consumed. Reconvening at the green area, we had a spectacular sandwich spread under a gazebo in the park there.

Once we'd had our fill, we boarded the bus for a quick ride to the Corporation Beach in Dennis. After figuring out how to fit a charter bus down a tiny beach road, everybody bolted off the bus excited to play on the beach. Sunscreen application was overscreen by our wonderful medical team (Liz, Deb, and Kay … all of whom have been doing a fantastic job of ensuring the health, hydration, and care of everyone on the trip). This beach is truly magical, and it was very fulfilling to share such an integral part of my youth with the group. Jonathan Colburn took immaculate photos of the kids in action and I encourage you to follow the link that will be provided (We hope you have been enjoying the photos provided primarily by Jonathan and Nick!).

Around five o’clock everyone admitted that they could go for a meal, and what a meal it was! The Sesuit Harbor Cafe, which overlooks the Northside Marina, is the best place to get a lobster roll, no, a lobster anything, no, just anything seafood at all, on Cape Cod. The day was absolutely gorgeous, and our friend JC ensured that we were well taken care of, just like he had done in 2009 when we had booked the whole restaurant for the night. Many of the kids had never had lobster before, and those who preferred something else had steak tips or chicken tenders. Potato salad, cole slaw, and corn on the cob ensured that our lobster feast was filling and a few of the more experienced chaperones lent a claw, er.. hand to make sure that everyone could work their lobsters and the meal went swimmingly.

After dinner we were free to walk along the beach there before boarding the bus once again for the good old RWUBICC. The ride featured a double greeting but not much else. The sun has a way of taking the energy right out of you. The only thing left on the agenda was some reflection time in the common area. There is a feeling of safety and comfortability with others that leads one to speak from the heart (Jonathan Colburn would later describe it as Holy Spirit time). It’s the most raw version of yourself that you expose to people you know will accept you no matter what. The room was full of a warm energy that surprised some, and as the discussion went on it was amazing to see who opened up and gave their burdens up to God.

It has been incredible to share this tour with all of these young people, and as we prepare to return to Damascus, I’m confident that we have achieved our goal of spreading the good Word to those in need.

"Goodnight all”

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