Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tour 2009 - Day 1

Day 1 Tour 2009

Our group gathered in the sanctuary at DUMC to start our tour with song and prayer. Then we headed to Philadelphia, where we were able to have a brief visit to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and our picnic lunch. We also toured the Johnson House (one of the first underground railroad houses to free the slaves) and the Concord School House (one room). The youth got a dose of reality driving through the city and seeing firsthand where many people gained their freedom.

The West Chester United Methodist church is a magnificent mix of old and new. The sanctuary has gorgeous stained glass windows and amazing wooden arches framing a fantastic acoustical ceiling. The grace and hospitality demonstrated by the WCUMC youth and church members was outstanding! We had a fantastic spaghetti dinner at the “new” portion of the church. The concert was great (what an amazing acoustical sanctuary!). Both the orchestra and choir certainly rose to the occasion. The WCUMC youth choir joined the Tour group for a few songs to cap off the evening.

Continuing their generosity, WCUMC provided us with a fantastic breakfast, as we gathered Saturday morning to help “send-off “their Summer Youth Tour (they are going to N.Y. C. for 4 days). The two youth groups got along quite well, and I know phone numbers were exchanged!

Cathy D.

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