Friday, June 18, 2010

Tour 2010 - The Departure

The youth tour kicked off this morning with everyone gathering at the church early. The buses and vans were loaded, the kids and "tall friends" were pumped and after a great prayer by Pastor Frances, they left for 10 days on the road.

Blogging duties will be turned over to Jackie Perry and her support group to post the daily summary and maybe some photos. I've already seen some "on-bus" video from a couple of cell phones. Everybody seems to be in high spirits.

Their first concert is just about now in West Virginia.

Doug T.

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  1. Why not post a video of a concert on your blog? That way a proud uncle (CAM1) can see his niece (CAM2) in the moment.

    Cecil A. Maczka, AKA, CAM1, Baltimore, MD