Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tour 2010 Day 10

Day 10:  Oh, my.  Checking out of the hotel was complete chaos.  We had to be on the buses heading to church by 7:30.  Kids who were up most of the night did not exactly rally this morning.  A few forgot to re-set their watches and set their alarms an hour behind.  Breakfast wasn’t put out until the last minute, so there was a frenzy at the buffet.  After boarding and doing a head count we realized we were missing about a half dozen kids.  Some were literally rolled out of bed and onto the bus.  After we arrived at the church, some chaperones went back to the hotel and retrieved two large bags of left behind items - clothes, cell phones and some other rather interesting items.  

From 2010 Tour - Day 10
We sang and performed for two services at First United Methodist Church in Lexington.  We only had 15 minutes to unload the instruments, set up and prepare.  It was quite a scene.  We were pretty worried - especially looking at the fatigue on the kids’ faces, their rumpled shirts, uncombed hair and sneakers that replaced dress shoes (which aren’t exactly lost but could not be immediately located).  But these kids never fail to amaze us.  When it is show time, they are on the money every single time.  Getting through two sermons was a challenge for some, especially when the choir loft faced the congregation and their every yawn and head bob could be seen by everyone.  For those seated directly behind the pastor it was especially difficult - and it was all captured on video.  During the second service we were actually asked to do an encore.  As the pastor put it, “Please sing one more anthem - their faces just don’t look like this when I preach!”  
After we have a quick lunch we will be packing up one last time and heading for home.  Exhausted, exhilarated and spiritually charged.  Amen to that!

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