Monday, June 21, 2010

Tour 2010 - Day 3

Day 3: We love it here in Johnson City. Especially our host homes and the wonderful Munsey Memorial UMC. After the concert last night, we went “home” to some good times - more great food, swimming pools and plenty of laughs. A large group crashed at Ina Sue’s (Mamaw Motter) who soon became everyone’s grandma. She makes the most amazing blueberry muffins! There’s other stories that could be told, but what happens at Mamaw’s stays at Mamaw’s (Blake and Blake, ‘nuff said).

Sunday morning we sang and played at both services. The youth sang “Hallelujah, We Shall Rise,” the orchestra played Adagio and the congregation said AMEN! After a pizza lunch, we loaded back up and hit the road, pressing onward and southward. Next stop, Anderson, S.C.

So we are having a few medical issues. The weather is hot and it’s tough for the kids to stay hydrated. Substantial stomach distress in the violin section. A broken toe in the choir. Cellists with cut fingers. A number of complaints of general malaise (that’s French for exhaustion). But these kids are troopers! We keep passing the hand sanitizer, gargling with Listerine, drinking lots of water . . . one minor detour to the ER for IV fluids and medication. So please, join us in fervent prayers for our good health. At any rate, the show must go on!

Tonight we sang at Boulevard Baptist Church in Anderson S.C. Very hot and humid - upper 90’s. But the church is magnificent - and thankfully, the air conditioning that was not working this morning is working this evening. We were served a wonderful meal of Mexican baked ‘taters, a delicious salad, sweet tea and freshly baked sugar cookies. We sang a roaring rendition of Happy Birthday to Matt DeHoff (a John Deere birthday cake no less) then sang to a delightful crowd. They just loved the performances.

After a few rigorous days, we are ready for a little break in the action. Our hosts tonight will have us for two nights, as we look forward to a little R&R, soaking up the sights here in sunny South Carolina!

Click Here for Pictures of Day Three

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