Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Tour - Day 2 Eastman House and a Border Crossing

Our second day of tour...Chip and Erin fed bagels, coffee and juice to those of us who slept in the dorms at Lycoming.  In case anyone is wondering, returning to dorm life as an adult isn't the joyride you might think.  The Edmonds had to go back out to buy more coffee...our chaperones didn't receive instructions on caffeine withholding so it was "Attack of the Caffeine Fiends."   Those of us that had host families were treated well, and we didn't really have any "funny" stories about our accommodations, which is great but not much entertainment material there. Jake and Luke Edmonds blew us kisses, but weren't too happy when they found out they weren't going to ride on the bus.  We rode in the bus, and got to visit The George Eastman House in Rochester N.Y.   35,000 sq ft, 50 rooms, built 1902-5, at the grand cost of $350,000.  Beautiful gardens, and we were given our first meal allowance to eat where we liked. 

Concert at Trinity UMC in Amherst NY.  As in Lycoming, the Edmonds knew many faces in the audience.  Our chaperones liked the space, because they could see nearly all of our faces at once.  Mrs. B  is thinking of instigating a "joyful countenance" award since some of the faces in the choir are so joyful when they sing.  We were fed pizza and wings for dinner, with birch beer (no worries, it's a soft drink akin to root beer). Colborn and Mansfield family members came to listen.  Dan James joined up with us for a few days.  Once back on the bus, we were very happy to find that two of our adults had acquired fruit for us!  There was some rioting on the silver bus when the green apples ran out, but in the end red apples were deemed acceptable by most riders and those who complained were crammed in the tiny overhead compartment (JK!).

We waited a LONG time for our turn at the border crossing, but were quickly dispatched into Canada.  The border guard mostly wanted to know we all had the proper documents to leave Canada at the end of our trip! The noisiest moment was when Beth Taylor announced roommates for the next 2 nights.  So noisy that several riders on both buses missed hearing their room numbers.  The squealing after they heard who their roommates were sorta drowned out the room numbers.
It's midnight, and we are still en route to our hotel.  Mrs. Taylor is applying lovely long fingernails as a way of mourning her lack of violin playing for the next 8 days.  The gold bus was super silent when we checked in on them at the border.  Not sure if they were threatened or drugged but it is apparent that the silver bus leader (Cam) needs to step up his game if the silver bus is to meet these high expectations.  Highway signs are now in English & French, so maybe we will learn a few French words.  I now know Nord means North (okay, maybe we won't learn any useful French from road signs, but I'm trying...).

Wound count to date:  2 skinned knees (the worst one obtained by one of our trusty chaperones who shall remain nameless although Mark Bowe could tell you who was most likely to have taken a spectacular fall on the sidewalk in front of a crowded cafe) & one case of mild and non-terminal FFBS (flip flop blister syndrome).

Click Here for Photos of Day 2

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