Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 Tour - Day 3, Go West Everyone.........

Day 3



The curtain opens on breakfast pool side. The cast prepares for a long journey.  Each equipped with a fresh water bottle (all have learned this lesson), the troop files onto the bus to head west from Golden to Montrose.

Aboard the Gold Bus, Birthday Girl, Tara Barvir is called to start the morning greeting with Tommy Colborn. It is Tara’s 16th Birthday. Nate Snapp’s bear hug with KaSandra Murray brings the Silver Bus to roars of laughter.  Additional greetings are lead by Carson Erdle and Matt Fitzsimmons.

The trek across Colorado included many noteworthy sites to include the ski runs of Copper Mountain, a training location for 2 time Olympic Snow board Gold Medal Winner, Shaun White, as well as crossing the Colorado River and the popular ski slopes of Vale.   By far, the highlight of the more than 5 hour drive was crossing the Continental Divide. Cast members kept themselves entertained on the bus playing cards and celebrating the Birthday Boy of the day, Derek Klahre (now 18).

      Act 3

Scene is St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Montrose, Colorado. The congregation celebrates the arrival of the weary travelers with a traditional church outdoor BBQ complete with fresh grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and all the fixings.  Following the magnificent meal
the concert opens with Yorkshire Ballad.  Once again, Emma Thompson’s angelic performance in the Magnifcat captivates the multi-denominational congregation, bringing Deacon Scott to tears. Graham Taylor, Thomas James, Tom Baldridge, Ben and Jon Constantinides, Dylan Howe, Robert William and Dan Krotz brought the audience to their feet with their heartrending rendition of the Prayer of the Children. At one point in the program Deacon Scott requested Omnia Sol.  This brought the entire congregation to tears. Marin Williams rounded out the evening’s performance with her beautiful soprano solo in Ride the Chariot (spiritual).

The Serendipitous moment of the day was the stained glass window positioned directly above their heads throughout the concert depicting St. Cecilia surrounded by musical instruments.  Early in the performance the glow of sunshine streaming through the window gave a heavenly glow to the singers below.

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  1. I THANK YOU for this blog! I love these photos, they all are so grand!
    Those mountains, the streams, the wild life and your priceless smiles but especially your joyful faces singing... I am thinking, dreaming, imagining as I am surrounded by those so sweet voices...
    Well done, I say. Keep it up! Have fun with each other, enjoy His paintings, praise Him in your own & so special melodic ways and:
    Live Life Intensely Today.
    A group hug to my Benjamin & Jonathan and please tell their mom that I love her thiiiiis much. I miss you all. Safe travels and God bless you.