Thursday, June 23, 2016


Thursday,June 23, 2016

Our morning started out with some sleepy tour members groggily making their way to the bus for our ride to Michigan. Thanks to Kenny Sue Robertson and Jonathan Colborn, who went out shopping last night  to buy breakfast items, everyone should have had plenty to eat (even though it was hard to tell by looking at them.) Either they did not get enough sleep last night or they thought it was too early to be taking off, but they loaded up the bus like troopers and settled in for the one hour long ride to Dearborn. Our morning Greeters today were Julia Beall and Joseph Worrell, who were very good sports dispensing hugs up and down the aisle. Austin Mollard gave us the weather report: cloudy and 70 degrees. We were So happy that it wasn’t raining, especially after last night’s late booming thunderstorms! Tom congratulated the kids on their excellent concert last night and told a funny story about an elderly man he ran into shortly before the concert was about to start. He thanked the gentleman for coming to the concert and told him that he hoped he would enjoy the evening. The man told him that he couldn’t attend because he hadn’t had time to read his newspaper yet and then shuffled away. It just goes to show that you can’t please everyone! :) We are also finding out on this trip that boys will be boys but at a certain age it becomes dangerous to keep behaving like one. What are we talking about? It looks like both Tom and Doug may have broken their toes when they ran into the frisbee game barefoot yesterday. However, applying a little  tape to the toes has them both continuing on with their busy schedule without complaints. They are brave soldiers.

We arrived at the Henry Ford Museum around 10:00 a.m. The kids broke up into groups and were free to browse the museum at their own leisurely pace.The museum has an interesting collection of items from people who were considered social, intellectual and technological trailblazers in the United States. Some of the highlights included:
A collection of giant steam locomotives and passenger rail cars, including an Allegheny locomotive (one of only 40 that were ever made.)
Five Presidential limousines, including the one that JFK was riding in when he was assassinated.
A collection of automobiles covering the past 100 years.
A display on the life of Lincoln, including the chair that he was sitting in at Fords Theater when he was assassinated.
A display on the Civil Rights Movement in America, including the actual bus that Rosa Parks was riding on when she refused to give up her seat for a white patron, sparking a major bus boycott after she was arrested.
There were many more items too numerous to mention, but the museum housed a fascinating mix of memorabilia representing the history of our country for everyone to enjoy. Kids were able to eat lunch in the museum at either the American Dog House (a hot dog specialty) or the Michigan Café (soups, salads and sandwiches.) Some kids went outside and started up another Frisbee game. Everyone was full and happy when we posed for a group shot in front of the museum sign before boarding the bus.
Our final bus ride for the day was a 2 hour drive to Portage, Michigan. Our afternoon Greeters were Connor Dennie and Robert Worrell, who also did a fabulous job in the hugging department. Now, you might think that the long bus rides are boring. On the contrary, you never know what you will see out of our bus window! So here is today’s “A View From the Bus.” Cole Taylor spotted a lady in a mini van holding a large head of lettuce and eating it like an apple! That drew a laugh from everyone. (I suspect she was dieting!) Nick Works pointed out a truck driver in an 18 wheeler with a life sized Pokemon sitting in the passenger seat! Yes, there is never a dull moment.

We arrived at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church with a little down time before our delicious make-your-own taco dinner, prepared by the nice ladies of the church.  Shane Johnson turned 15 today, so a birthday a cake complete with candles and a rousing “Happy Birthday” song rounded out the dinner. The concert began at 7:30 but beforehand I had a chance to walk around the grounds and enjoy the landscaped flower beds. There was a lovely memory garden set aside on one part of the church, complete with two engraved benches to sit on. The whole setting was a welcoming, quiet place to be at peace with God. I knew that He was with us as I sat there with closed eyes, contemplating on the evening. Back inside, the church had beautiful high-beamed wooden ceilings and two gorgeous stained glass windows in their sanctuary, picturing the light of God shining down on His servants.  I felt that His light was shining down on all of us also. I had a fabulous view from the balcony and once again, tears came to my eyes as I watched these wonderful kids praising God with their voices and musical instruments. Listening to Madison Bowe accompany the choir on her clarinet during the song “Offering,” these words jumped out at me: “He has shown you O Man; He has shown you what is good.” Yes he has. I am so proud of these young people and so honored to be a part of this choir tour. Thank you for sharing your children with us. I hope that years from now they will look back on this time in their life with wonderful memories and an appreciation for what they were a part of. I know I will.
We are your bloggers, Sue and Beth, signing off. More adventures tomorrow!

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