Sunday, June 25, 2017

2017 Tour - Day 5 - L.L. Bean There Done That

The morning came quickly on day five of our journey. We had a traditional New England breakfast of Dunkin Doughnuts, muffins, and fruit at South Church in Andover. Following breakfast we gathered in the sanctuary for informal worship led by Nick, and sang a few hymns Steve chose for us. Our gracious hosts didn’t get enough of the group last night and hung around after breakfast to hear a few more selections. During this time the rain came and went as it so often does in New England.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog then you know the drill by now: board the bus, have a greeting, and go back to sleep! However, today they couldn’t help but spontaneously break out singing Owl City’s “Fireflies”. As a tour veteran I can’t help but add that there is a strict code to uphold whilst riding the bus which reads “No singing on the bus!”. The reasoning of course is to preserve our voices for the concerts, but I digress. The singing was short lived and it seems also caused by a sugar rush because very shortly after, the bus fell silent.

Ever fallen asleep and woken up in Maine? Join the club! We woke up in Freeport where we had a few hours to explore the campus of L.L. Bean stores there. The campus (which is open 24hrs) includes the following stores:
“The Flagship”, Hunting and Fishing, Bike, Boat & Ski, Home, and of course the Outlet. We unfortunately didn’t lay eyes on the famed Bootmobile (worth looking up), but did get plenty of pictures and delicious food while in town (keep in mind, we’re in lobster country). I’ll spare you the MANY “bean” puns I could have filled this post with, and instead let it suffice to say it had bean a great day in Freeport, but it was time to take a Bath.

Bath, ME was only a stone’s throw from Freeport, so we arrived at Grace Episcopal Church early for rehearsal in the sanctuary. Did I mention it was AIR CONDITIONED!? It’s a really big deal sorry for the all caps. From there we headed over to Bath UMC for a quick dinner where we made contact with a former CWS member Smo Hicks! It was great to have some fellowship time there as we prepared for the concert. Our shadow tour had met up with us so we were happy to see some familiar faces in the audience.

With the humidity rising and the sun falling we escaped the Maine state bird (the mosquito) and landed safely in our host homes for the evening. It’s been a long day and we all need our sleep. “That’s all folks”

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