Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2018 Tour - Day 11 - Final Reflections

We began the day by gathering for breakfast at our host church - they prepared enough for all of us! We had biscuit sandwiches from Bojangles with fresh in-season tomatoes on the side, fruit, donuts and plenty of coffee and juice!

We said goodbye to our lovely hosts and the Worrell boys as we boarded the bus for home. Joseph and Robert headed for home in Ohio, and we had a 6-hour Drive to Maryland.

A word needs to be said about our bus driver Paul Lopez, who has driven us for the last several years. He is faithful and accommodating in every way - he is a lovely travel companion and does all that he can to facilitate the plans we have made, even when there are last minute changes. He comes to our concerts every night after driving all day and has become part of the fiber of our tour experience. We are most thankful!

The bus rides over the last two days have included movie watching, thanks to Annie Elliott who brought a case full of DVDs. We had just the right number of greeters for the whole trip, and the last greeting of tour featured Charlie Bratburd and Conor Shiflett. 

It was been an amazing and wonderful 11 day adventure. 

In their own words, here are a few reflections from the group:

Troy Moskowitz: Enjoyed hanging out with friends and talking about favorite parts of tour 

Phil Hulcher: Smelling NC moonshine for real in our host family's garage!

Anne Elliott: it’s all pretty good!

Stephanie Greer: Hanging out with my friends on the pier at the retreat center.

Nick Works: My favorite moment was sitting in the lovely Lane chapel on st simons island listening to what the youth have learned from this tour!

Jonathan Works: Swimming at 2 am in the morning 😂😂😂

Jonathan Colborn: Spontaneous Friendships

Taylor Cappeluti: Singing come unity at the church in ft Lauderdale

Bryce Taylor: Singing Come, Unity in the acoustic cylinder at Coral Ridge. It was really beautiful. 

Helena Colborn: Beth Taylor bringing me a vanilla milkshake, and enjoying it and some pizza with Torie, Sydney, and Lydia in our hotel room

Lucas Martinho: the Harry Potter ride at Orlando

Katie Elliott: I enjoyed spending a lot of time with my friends and talking to people after the concerts

Derek Johnson: Being unexpectedly surrounded by nuns during our singing of Omnia Sol in beautiful Bethesda By The Sea sanctuary.

Angela Nardone: Singing come unity in every church and just hearing everybody’s voice surround you in comfort and hearing the host homes or the audience just talk of being filled with love and joy when we sang it and being able to say we felt the same way.

Kae Johnson: Singing at the retirement community (Village on the Isle) and then walking around downtown Venice with some other chaperones

Emma Dube: The best part of tour was getting to know people that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

Emma Baldridge: hanging out with everyone at Universal 

Liz Elliott: Texting a few photos each day of tour to a super-appreciative host mom. Spontaneous hugs.

Scott Hembrough: My favorite memory is sitting on the bus next to amber feeling the pus of my sunburn drip down my chest

Noah Lenker: I enjoyed being able to get to know people that I didn’t already know and strengthening my relationship with those I already know

From Don Hillerich, our host at Village on the Isle: ‘All I can say is: WOW, WHAT AN AWESOME CONCERT! The residents have all been raving about your concert last Friday night, June 22nd. Speaking on their behalf and mine too, it was an inspiration. The music selections, “One in Christ Jesus”, lifted the hearts and spirits of everyone. Visiting with the members following the concert was just great too!’

Click Here for Photos of Day 11

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  1. Matthew Baldridge: Playing ultimate frisbee with my friends
    Arthur Hulcher: Paul's great driving
    Jordan Anderson: All of it. Reconnecting with my church family was over all an amazing experience. Much love to everyone ��
    Doug Marshall: Seeing complete strangers moved to tears by our singing at breakfast in the Hampton Hotel.