Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 Tour - Day 5 - Halfway / À mi-chemin

Day 5, halfway through our tour!

We had a change of plans today.  After finding out the following facts about the beach we had planned to go to, we made a change:  Poison ivy EVERYWHERE around the beach.  No running water.  No shade.  Two pit toilets, about a mile apart.   A bacterial advisory for the beach.  And no place to clean up after 3 hours on the sunny sandy beach before we head to the cathedral for our concert.

Our new plan:  a lovely park in Kingston, with a scenic waterfront path along Lake Ontario.  The wind blowing off of the lake was refreshing on a warm sunny day.  We had sandwiches with chips & fruit for lunch, played frisbee, and went window shopping.  A few intrepid souls got into the largest lake in Canada and went swimming.  In their clothes.  Look for pictures on the blog.  There was a windmill farm across the lake from the park, and windsurfers and a para surfer blew by us.

After a lovely afternoon, we headed to St. Mary's Cathedral for a chinese food dinner before our concert. The fortune cookies had bilingual fortunes in them.  Somehow even the silliest fortunes sound beautiful in French.  It was another huge lovely church, lots of beautiful stained glass.  The men's sextet sang  "Prayer for the Children" for the first time on tour.  It was moving, and many tissues were being used.  After the concert, our hosts rewarded us with ice cream.  They have ice cream with Smarties in it here in Canada!

On the way back to the hotel, we had to give a talk about personal hygiene.  On the gold bus, Cathy Dobrzanski put the lecture to music. When you come to the homecoming concert & hear the song "I Gotta Robe" you can imagine her lyrics:  "I gotta plan, you gotta plan, all God's people gotta plan...when you start stinking, it's time to start thinking bout showers, deodorant..."
We head out to Montreal tomorrow, and French speaking Canada.  The two fluent French speakers in our group are looking forward to using French. We are looking forward to Jackie & Shannon Perry joining us tomorrow in Montreal.  And many of us are excited to finally be lodged in a host home.

Click Here for Photos from Day 5

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