Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Tour - Day 4 - Niagara Falls - Then Will The Very Rocks Cry Out

Day 4 of tour

Today we left Toronto, and spent the afternoon at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. The entire group rode the Maid of the Mist boat through both the American and Canadian falls - and if any of you have been there before, you know why they give you the souvenir poncho! The blue plastic wrap was less than form-fitting, but it kept us dry! Some of us considered keeping one for future adventures, but most were bent out of shape by the heavy "mist." The view was breathtaking, and saturated. Spontaneous choruses of song broke out while we were on the boat; we sang "Then Will the Very Rocks Cry Out," and our old chestnut, "Siyaa-Humba" (aka We Are Soaking in The Light of God).

We also had the opportunity to walk behind the falls. All agree that the yellow slickers for this attraction were far more slimming.

It was a glorious warm sunny afternoon. We discovered the amazing Tim Horton's coffee shops...better than Starbucks and a third of the price (even after the 13% Canadian tax).

We joyfully welcomed Sue Con and the twins today, and praise God that Sue immediately started taking beautiful pictures. Dan James left the tour today and walked over the Peace Bridge to the U.S. He had to pay a 50 cent toll to cross the border! Pastor Paul from Trinity church came to pick up Dan and drove him back to his car (thank you Pastor Paul!).

How remarkable that we visited just a few days after the famous circus performer, Eric Wallenda, walked over the falls on a tightrope! Our last view of Niagara was of a stunning double-rainbow in the mist, reminding us of God's promise and our purpose in our mission trip!

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  1. It sounds like you all are bathing in His abundant beauty!
    I miss you already and just can't wait till Sunday for a group hug AND ...
    Monday to loose myself in our sanctuary's overflow of your angelic priceless melody! ! ! God bless youuuuuuuu. Ted the Thessalonian

  2. I SECOND that, Ted! I want you all to know that Carly's grandma (my mom) is in Hospice care. We were so grateful when Grama woke up late yesterday afternoon and had some amazing clarity! So during that time, I shared some of the tour's music that I had recorded. Oh how she LOVED it!!! You have no idea how many lives you are impacting in deeply moving ways... and my family has been a blessed recipient of your mission work. Thank you for sharing your gift of song that makes us all be able to feel God's love way down deep in our souls.
    Sing and Play On!!!
    Love to all of you... Pamela the Protestant

  3. Christina and company,

    Wow! What beautiful scenes. Truly God's work. Christina, looks like your gettin' wet in the photo I saw :-D Hope you are all havin' a blast and enjoying spreading the inspiration of God through song.

    Love to all,
    Christopher Bradley