Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 Tour - Day 2 - Evening Report

Our basic itinerary for the rest of the day was to travel all the way to St. Augustine, FL. Another 8-hour bus ride started with a greeting by Emma Dube and Isaac Turner- Little. 

Fork stories, a DUMC tour tradition during bus rides, were explained by Bryce Taylor - these are tales of overnight fun, adventures and sometimes mishaps with host families. Coincidentally (wink wink) Bryce had one of the only Fork stories to tell and was awarded the first Fork of the tour with great pomp and circumstance.

Next followed a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Katie Elliott, and our sunshine committee had everyone on the bus sign a card for her. We also sang Happy Birthday to Brad Turner-Little over Lydia’s speaker phone. Our policy is no singing on the bus so we don’t wear out our voices, but we’ll make an exception for birthdays.

Nick Works is working (no pun intended) on his doctoral degree and asked our group to fill out surveys on Christian travel and pilgrimage for his culminating project. Many youth and adults took time to respond and think about our hopes and expectations for choir tour. 

Other greeters were needed to break up the trip. They included Cole Vlasic with Todd Johnson, Lindsey Whitmeyer with Cole Taylor, and Charlotte Bowe with William Baldridge. 

We stopped for dinner just outside of Savannah, GA, after a lovely detour around I-95 traffic through the Savannah Wildlife Refuge. No alligator sitings yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Chipotle and Five Guys were the top choices. Sad to miss opportunity for a milkshake, so lots of people indulged! Makes the drive a little more bearable. One of the satellite vans made necessary coffee stop, too. 

A time of prayer happened on the bus after Phil Hulcher shared that his brother had a stroke this morning and has been hospitalized. Nick Works offered prayer, and we encourage all who read this to uphold him in prayer as well.

We crossed into Florida as the sky was getting dark and arrived at The Ponce Hotel in St. Augustine, FL, at about 9:15 pm. The hotel staff agreed to keep the pool open a little longer, so many took a dip to refresh after long travel day. Newsflash: it is hard to prevent middle and high school boys from playing loud games in the pool. 

After swimming, we sang Happy Birthday to Katie Elliott again, with cake this time. The sunshine committee has also provided a birthday hat, which Katie christened with wet pool hair. Happy Birthday may end up being our most popular song this year.

Everyone turned in around 11 pm after breathing in a little moist Florida air. Sunshine tomorrow. Bring on the sunscreen.

Happy Father’s Day to all those who have fathered us. Peace out.

~ Polly

Click Here for Pictures from Day 2

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