Sunday, June 17, 2018

2018 Tour - Day 2 - Morning Report

This morning, I (Julia Beall) was one of a group of people that stayed at First UMC overnight, and as such I had to get up at about 7:00 to take a shower before the church's "Muffin Ministry", when they serve breakfast (with lots of muffins, but also cereal, other pastries, and stuff to make sandwiches) and let members of the community use their showers. This breakfast/community gathering starts at 8:00 and lasts for at least an hour, and at about 8:40 we sang Amazing Grace and Come, Unity, accompanied by a member of the church on piano. Afterwards, those of us who stayed at the church and those that stayed at host homes went to the 9:00 Connect service, an informal, smaller service with music much like the songs we play in the Youth Chapel on Sunday mornings. At that service, we sang Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy as well as God Has Chosen Me. After the service, we were joined by the people that stayed at the hotel, and went to the sanctuary to practice for the 11:00 traditional service. During this service, we sang Come Ye Sinners, Child of God, God Has Chosen Me, Marchin' On Up, and Praise His Holy Name (which we hadn't planned on singing, but they asked us to sing another song at the end of the service, so of course we did). Following that, we headed to the church's gym room to gather and eat lunch before our 7-hour bus ride to St. Augustine.


  1. Thanks for the update Julia! Brad T-L

  2. Love to know about how the day went.
    Thank you, Julia! Cristina V. Martinho